"AN UNCOMPROMISING APPROACH TO FRESH SEAFOOD", this has been the goal of the Salt Cellar Restaurant for over thirty five years. The Salt Cellar was a pioneer in flying fresh seafood into the desert. We are involved in a constant search and spare neither effort nor expense in finding the finest and freshest seafood available. Outstanding quality is not an option but a mandate at the Salt Cellar Restaurant."







Shrimp Cocktail 14 
Large fresh shrimp
served on ice with
our own special cocktail

Halibut "Civeche" 14
Marinated fish favorite
made from fresh Halibut.

 Mussels in Butter Sauce 17
A Salt Cellar Specialty, fresh Blue Hill Bay mussels
served in a broth with drawn butter.

Oysters on the Half Shell 1/2 Dozen 16
Fresh Blue Point Oysters shucked to order and
served on ice.

Clams on the Half Shell 1/2 Dozen 13
Littleneck Clams from New England shucked to order
and served on ice.

Escargot en Caps 9
Escargot baked in fresh mushroom caps with garlic
butter. An old Salt Cellar favorite.

Steamed Clams 22
Traditional New England favorite, bucket of steamed
clams served with broth.

Oysters Rockefeller 13
Four fresh Blue Point Oysters on the
half shell, topped with delicate spinach and
pernod sauce, then baked on a bed of rock salt.


New England Clam Chowder 6
A true New England clam chowder made in our own
kitchen with Quahog Clams.

Manhattan Clam Chowder 6
For those who prefer a delightful alternative to the
traditional cream base chowder.


Specialty Appetizers  

Smoked Blue Marlin 14

Nantucket Cape Scallops (when available) 18

Clams Steamed in Applewood Bacon Dashi  22

Calamari Skewer with dipping sauces 10

Turtle Soup  8

Sauteed Shrimp San Remo  16

Maryland Crab Cakes

Fish and Chips 10


Alll entrees are served with a dinner salad, fresh baked bread, vegetable of the day and a choice of baked potatoe of Chef's daily starch



Salt Cellar Favorites  

Pacific Swordfish w/mango salsa 38

Nantucket Cape Scallops (when available) 39

Salmon Oscar  42
King Salmon topped with crab meat, grilled asparagus
and Hollandaise sauce

Atlantic Halibut with Lemon Caper Butter 42

Crispy Florida Black Grouper 42
with Thai dipping sauce.

Yakimono Hawaiian Ahi Salmon Wellington 39

Yakimono Hawaiian Ahi 40

Charcoal Broiled Georges Bank Sea Scallops 36


Sauteed Sea Scallops



Salt Cellar Specialties

Shrimp San Remo on pappardelle pasta 36

Maryland Crab Cakes (Chesapeake Bay)  36

King Salmon w/Cucumber Dill Sauce 33
 (British Columbia)

Cajun Style Blackened Atlantic Halibut 42


Sauteed Scallops 36
Fresh George Bank Scallops sauteed in butter with shery and fresh mushrooms

Grilled Baja Shrimp 32
Seasoned and grilled #1 White Mexican Shrimp w/Aji Aji sauce

Stuffed Mountain Trout (Idaho) 31 
Baked Stuffed Shrimp 36
Large #1 White Mexican Shrimp with a delicate crabmeat stuffing

Fried Shrimp 28
Lightly seasoned and breaded #1 White Mexican Shrimp

Pan Fried Oysters 30
Fresh Blue Point Oysters shucked to order

Salt Cellar Combination 34
A delightful combination of deep fried Shrimp,
Fish fillet, and Blue Point Oysters.

Shrimp Scampi 35

Large #1 White Mexican Shrimp served in a garlic butter sauce with roasted tomatoes, red bell peppers and a slice of baked Shrimp Toast

Live Maine 3 lb Lobster 90


Charcoal Broiled Fish   

King Salmon (British Columbia) 33

Hawaiian Ahi w/Aji Aji 40

Atlantic Halibut (Nova Scotia) 42

Mountain Trout (Idaho) 29

Lobster  and Crab Entrees

Our center of interest is the Live Maine Lobster . We take pride in serving only Live Maine Lobsters and will serve no other.  Feel free to select your own lobster from our Lobster Tank. 
Be sure to ask your waiter about today's selection.

Harbor Master’s Choice 45
One and a half pound steamed lobster

Baked Stuffed Lobster 52
A traditional baked stuffed Lobster: a whole
Live Maine Lobster stuffed with our own special
mixture of scallops and Crabmeat.

Pan Fried Lobster 47
Served over cheesy bacon grits with Pico De Gallo, Ponzu Sauce and drawn butter



Alaskan King Crab 62
One and a half pounds of large Alaskan King Crab Legs broiled over mesquite charcoal

Maryland Crab Cakes 35
Two Maryland Crab Cakes made with
Jumbo Lump Blue Crab Meat using
our own special recipe


add one of the following to any full priced entree. Not for shared entrees.

Add a 7 oz Certified Black Angus Filet Mignon        $20.00
Add a half order (10oz) of Alaskan King Crab           $24.00
Add a half order of Fried Shrimp                                $10.00 

    Other Favorites

The Salt Cellar proudly serves only the finest aged cuts of Certified Black Angus Beef.
All Meat is cut here in our own kitchen and cooked to your specifications.

Filet Mignon 44
A superb 12 oz. cut of Certified Black Angus filet mignon
broiled to perfection over mesquite charcoal.

Petite Filet 38
A delightful 7oz. cut of Cetified Black Angus filet mignon
charcoal broiled over mesquite charcoal.

Beef Wellington 40
All-time favorite of the Salt Cellar, a tender filet with a
touch of mushroom duxelle wrapped in a pastry
shell and served on a raspberry chiptole sauce with apple wood bacon.

New York Strip 42
An impressive 14 oz. cut of Certified Black Angus New York
Strip charcoal broiled over mesquite charcoal..

Bone In Rib Eye Steak 49
16 oz Bone In Certified Black Angus Rib Eye Steak charcoal broiled over
mesquite charcoal.

Teriyaki Chicken 24
Boneless chicken breast marinated in our own
special teriyaki sauce, then charcoal broiled to
perfection over mesquite charcoal.

Alll entrees are served with a dinner salad, fresh baked bread, vegetable of the day and a choice of baked potatoe of Chef's daily starch



The Salt Cellar offers a wide
variety of desserts and after dinner drinks.
Please ask your server for today’s selections.

Happy Hour
(see separate menu)

Don’t miss our popular twin happy hours
daily from 4:00pm to 7:00pm and
again from 10:00pm to 1:00am.


(menu prices are subject to change)


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