Arizona Seafood Restaurant

Arizona’s Only
underground restaurant

Fresh Seafood
Beneath the City

Fresh Seafood
Beneath the City

With our guests’ safety in the forefront, we strive to maintain a warm and hospitable experience!


The culinary adventure begins with its unique underground
location. One peek through the ground-level skylight reveals a world far removed from the desert…


550 N Hayden Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Dine with Us

Immerse yourself in a delightful dining experience at Salt Cellar Restaurant, where we proudly serve up the finest fresh seafood Arizona has ever tasted. Nestled sublimely in the heart of Scottsdale, we are fervently dedicated to bringing the tantalizing flavors of the ocean straight to your plate, ensuring an unparalleled seafood encounter in a warm, welcoming environment. As a prominent “seafood restaurant in Arizona,” the Salt Cellar has harmoniously blended a cozy, cellar dining ambiance with a meticulously curated menu, featuring a robust selection of fresh catches, each rich in flavor and quality.

Picture this: you, enveloped by a uniquely intimate setting, savoring the fresh, bold flavors of expertly crafted seafood dishes that whisper tales of ocean voyages. Our expert chefs, passionate about crafting the very essence of the ocean into each bite, navigate through the delicate, intricate flavors of the sea to bring you not merely a meal, but a memory. With a legacy steeped in providing exceptional dining experiences, the Salt Cellar doesn’t just offer seafood; we deliver a nautical journey that navigates through the palates of seafood aficionados and casual diners alike, solidifying our status as a beacon of exquisite maritime dining in Arizona. Dive into a world where the symphony of the ocean meets unrivaled culinary artistry, only at the Salt Cellar.


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