Easter Sunday

In celebration of Easter on Sunday, April 1st, we will begin serving dinner at 4:00PM, with the Bar opening at 3:00PM.  Be sure to make your reservations, either by phone at 480-947-1963 or online by going to our website, www.saltcellarrestaurant.com , and then to Reservations.  We look forward to sharing this special day with you!

We will be updating you soon as to the arrival of fresh Alaskan Halibut.  The season actually opened on March 24th but it may be the first week in April before we begin receiving this sought after fish.  Meanwhile, the Atlantic Halibut, from Nova Scotia, continues to receive rave reviews.

The Nantucket Cape Scallop fishing season is officially closed….we may have a short supply of them  throughout this week.

The Journey to Fresh Seafood

The goal of the Salt Cellar for well over 35 years now is “an uncompromising approach to fresh seafood”.
Our journey begins with our largest supplier of fresh seafood, M.F. Foley Company, a family owned fish processor since 1906 (four generations).  To give you just a glimpse into their success and our reason for choosing Foley is their unyielding commitment to quality control at each step, refrigerated fish plant, bacteria control systems and 100% all natural processing.  Their commitment begins with their buyers, who are charged with sourcing the finest fish for their customers 52 weeks a year; they know the fishermen/boats in each port, which ones pen the fish, who’s traveling with ice or who’s trip was the shortest.
You could say that we mirror their standards or they mirror our standards?!