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Yakimono Hawaiian Ahi

Our Yakimono Hawaiian Ahi will transport your taste buds to the sunny shores of Hawaii with the freshest of flavors and most tender texture. Come enjoy tonight!

New Menu Item

NEW MENU ITEM: Chilean Sea Bass! This high-quality fish is found in cold, deep waters off the southern ocean near and around Antarctic. Chilean Sea Bass is a white, flaky fish with a smooth and buttery taste. Come try it tonight!

2022 MARYLAND SOFT SHELL CRAB Season ending!

If you are a fan of fresh Maryland Soft Shell Crab, the 2022 season is dwindling.  Traditionally, this  season will end in September.  Be sure to make a reservation to visit us and enjoy the end of the soft shell season as it will not be back until May of 2023. As for other seasonal menu […]

Maryland Soft Shell Crab 2020 Season

Although the 2020 Maryland Soft Shell Crab season is quickly coming to an end, we have another exciting season to look forward to. The NANTUCKET CAPE SCALLOP season opens the first week of November!  Many of you look forward to enjoying these very seasonal scallops. We continue to be able to receive the Alaskan Halibut Cheeks, however, they may become more difficult to […]

Whole Live Maine Lobsters

Lobsters from Maine Whole Live Maine Lobster has been an integral part of the Salt Cellar’s menu since 1981.  Many of our customers celebrate their special occasions treating themselves to a steamed lobster or a stuffed baked lobster, 1 ½ pound or 3 pound.  Our trained servers crack them open for you tableside, allowing you to easily […]

Preparing for our Reopening!

The Salt Cellar has been closed for 7 weeks now and we genuinely miss our staff and loyal customers.  We hope that everyone has stayed well and found some silver lining during the shelter-in-place order.  Looking forward to hearing everyone’s stories! As most of you have heard, the Arizona Governor announced that he will be reopening the […]

King Salmon – A Nutritional Powerhouse

Salmon is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet: •    Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids •    Great source of Protein •    High in B Vitamins, B1 thru B12 •    Good source of Potassium •    Contains the Antioxidant Astaxanthin, giving Salmon its red pigment The Salt Cellar serves King Salmon (also known as Chinook), from British […]

Sonoran Living

September 25th was National Lobster Day and the The Salt Cellar was featured on Sonoran Living, a local lifestyle show here in Arizona, an affiliate of ABC (Channel 15). We had much fun on the live set with the show’s hosts, Terri & Susan,  as well as their producers and camera staff.  We talked about the […]

Shrimp San Remo

Shrimp San Remo Our well-known Shrimp San Remo, a long time Salt Cellar signature dish, is probably more known as an appetizer, however, you may not know that we offer this same dish as a entrée, served over pappardelle pasta.  Both appetizer and entrée are made with #1 white Mexican shrimp, sautéed with sun dried San Remo tomatoes, portabella […]

Maryland Soft Shell Crabs

Maryland Soft Shell Crab Season! The Maryland Soft Shell Crabs have arrived at the Salt Cellar!  We feature the blue crabs that are harvested when they shed their hard shells and are about to grow new shells.  They have gorged on food in preparation for this process and are fat and tasty.  We prepare our […]