Shrimp San Remo

Many of you are very familiar with our well-known Shrimp San Remo, a long time Salt Cellar signature dish. The appetizer seems to be more recognized to our many bar patrons so some of you may not know that we offer this same dish as a entrée, served over pappardelle pasta.  Both appetizer and entrée are made with #1 white Mexican shrimp, sautéed with sun dried San Remo tomatoes, portabella mushrooms, garlic, onion, an abundance of spices and a lot of love!  The entrée is made with larger shrimp and garnished with a marinated long stem artichoke heart.

This dish has drawn countless raves at the Salt Cellar!

Maryland Soft Shell Crab Season

The Maryland Soft Shell Crabs have arrived at the Salt Cellar!  We feature the blue crabs that are harvested when they shed their hard shells and are about to grow new shells.  They have gorged on food in preparation for this process and are fat and tasty.  We prepare our Maryland Soft Shell Crabs in the traditional method, sauteed in butter and topped with roasted almonds.  They are available as an appetizer or an entree.
The prized halibut “cheeks” continue to be a popular entrée during the Alaskan Halibut season; we should be able to source them all summer.